Hackers gonna hack and jackers gonna jack

It’s been a good run, but I’m about done with the whole blog thing.

Since December of 2008 when I started here, through the years of posting helpful essay assistance for high school and college students, through sharing some of my artsy stuff – I’ve been open, honest and well-intentioned hoping that something I share might be a blessing to someone, somewhere, at the right time.

Unfortunately, in the age of scumbags running amuck on the lawless internet highway that runs through our lives, all kinds of thieves are scraping the internet and stealing my and many other writers’ original articles, essays and content that show high in Google search statistics and posting it blatantly on their own sites to steer traffic to their scummy pursuits of “monetized” websites that get paid for being splattered with ads that get shown when someone clicks onto their site thinking they are going to read something of interest. Sure it’s of interest; it’s just stolen content.

If these “curators” of content would actually post a credit as to where they got the sourced information and content so it links back to the original creator, we could all benefit, but that’s not what the scumbags care about nor do at all. They steal it, post it, and do not link back nor give any credit so that they hoard all potential gains to themselves illicitly.

I have gotten and investigated “miracle” “one-step” “done for you” softwares and platforms the jackers use to duplicate popular Instagram and Facebook posts and was immediately turned off. Why? Because I have ethics and a moral code and saw immediately how illicit the whole concept was.

What took the cake was the JVZOO.COM scumbag vendors touting their software to search for top videos, then download those videos from YouTube with the instructions to just re-upload the video but your voiceover on it. Especially because YouTube let’ just anybody upload transcriptions to your content unless you specifically mark it otherwise. Sure, just do a search to find the top videos, then copy them verbatim with your own branding and voiceover. And these f-ers brag about how easy it is to do and that anyone can do it to get views on their channel so they can monetize it with ads.


Over the past year, my normal site visitation of between 200 to 500 visitors per week to certain academic essays promptly stopped almost suddenly. This month, I noticed bursts of high-visitation to my site, and not focused on the usual things. Closer inspection to see where the traffic was coming from? China. Who the F in China seems to think I am suddenly so incredibly interesting, I have no idea. They didn’t click on the academic matter, but on the personal stuff. Guaranteed there are numerous phony social media accounts that suddenly appear claiming to be me any moment now.

But it’s the academic papers being stolen that piss me off the most.

Now, I get the exhilarating task of filing copyright claim notices on sites that should do something to prevent the plagiarism, but which don’t give a crap to stop it because (a) people would simply not bother complaining because (b) they don’t know their stuff has been jacked to begin with, (c) it benefits sites like CourseHero.com to get found in search results and have people visit their website where they can get them to subscribe and such in order to see the actual information that’s posted (that’s right, COURSEHERO.COM, I am calling you jack-hats out and I’m coming after you to take down my stuff – you and your bull “scout’s honor” academic integrity B.S., honesty policy of the posters not ever being questioned until someone FILES A TAKE DOWN NOTICE. YOU PEOPLE HAVE THE SAME PLAGIARISM CHECKERS THE SCHOOLS YOU SUPPOSEDLY HELP STUDENTS DO BETTER WITH HAVE????? YOU COULD HAVE RUN THE SAME GOOGLE SEARCH I JUST DID TO FIND OUT WHAT SOME M-F UPLOADED WAS JACKED OFF MY WEBSITE. But. You. Didn’t. Bother.).

You know what’s on my side to combat these sites that are run by jackers? Academic records with my exact essay dates and time stamped as well as the grade and feedback reports. My academic papers that I had posted here to help students are still very well entrenched in the college plagiarism checkers and I learned I can get copies of records of when my stuff first appeared in their system. There can and will be no challenges or retorts to my take-down notices because the sites I have been finding my writing uploaded to without my knowledge or consent all claim to be “helping” students who pinky swore to their own upstandingness when they “donated” my original writing for their personal gain. My academic transcript and records are solid and have been meticulously kept.

Die you f-ing, hacking, thieves.

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