Free Singing Lesson

I’ve been asked to give voice lessons on occasion because someone comes up to me and wants to learn how to sing like I do. I tell them I can give them the lesson in five minutes. I then share with them how I’ve heard myself on tape and I always cringe at what, to me, sounds like someone stepping on the cat’s tail, but for some weird reason people in the congregation listening live tell me they are moved by it and think what they heard sounded wonderful.

I share my personal testimony of coming to humility in realizing that the only thing I could honestly say about how I sing is (a) I thoroughly prepare by rehearsing the piece because God deserves much more than our “it’ll do” and then when the time comes, (b) I simply sing it to God – not the audience – from my heart. I tell them that what I learned from watching over and over how God uses the music that came out of me to bless someone is that the most miraculous thing happens: I have witnessed God taking the “joyful noise” that comes out of me, and by the power of the Holy Spirit turns my love offering into beauty that touches the listener by seemingly bypassing their ears and they hear with their own receptive heart. Obviously, those without receptive hearts may be a different story…..

I apply this insight to working with volunteer choirs as well. I fully believe in God’s wonder-working power to take our offerings made in love to Him and turn them into things of beauty. No matter how squeaky or off-key the notes, it is the joy-filled spirit that offers up our groanings and the Holy Spirit intercedes and perfects the offering to God.

So if you’re nervous about singing a solo in church or you even think you can’t sing at all, just remember that all you need to do is let go of your issues on whether or not you think you can or can’t, and freely let out your heartfelt worship of God to Him. He wants us to worship Him with our whole hearts, so get you out of the way and lift up your voice. You’ll be amazed at how the Lord can use your most meager little dried fish offering to bless thousands.


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