Random music memory

I remember back in the summer after third grade being at a vacation bible school program at a little church around the corner from where we lived. Besides the gold-spray-painted elbow-macaroni-glued-to-a-cardboard-cross that I took home from that week, the thing that sticks in my mind most from that vbs week was the song “Onward, Christian Soldiers.” I’m sure we sang other songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and all, but I can specifically pinpoint “Onward Christian Soldiers” to that particular place and time in my life.

In fact, I can definitely say it’s the first song I actually remember memorizing and continue to sing even to this day. OK, maybe it’s the second song since I suppose chronologically for memorization would actually be the “Alphabet Song” sung to the “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” tune…… which segues to my remembering being four years old and writing out the alphabet on the underside of Pop’s (now mine) grand piano……. But I don’t still sing the “Alphabet Song.” I sometimes lie awake at night with the “Chiquita Banana Song” running in my head for no apparent reason, but not the “Alphabet Song.” I no longer have that elbow macaroni cross, but I still sing “Onward Christian Soldiers” to myself and it’s always been one of my favourites.

Just something I woke up thinking about this morning.

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