Freak snow storm

Being snowed in was a good thing, I guess. It’s either that, or creativity abounds when I don’t succumb but flat out refuse to be bored? Gramma always said idle hands make the devil’s work. I hope my very busy fingers this week were definitely doing God’s work. I can’t believe I’ve got nine recordings and worship videos finished so far and ready to upload for Sunday afternoon. I feel like I should take the rest of the day off and get away from the piano and computer and go do something resembling physical exercise ….. um……. like maybe shoveling the rest of the snow while the temperature is up to 50 degrees so it doesn’t freeze back on the deck overnight.

Watching Sparky play in the snow was a trip – he really liked frolicking in it but as he’s quite delicate, you know, and prone to getting too cold too quickly, he would stop in mid-frolick like he was startled and come charging back to the house and bark hysterically to get inside, only to bark on this side of the door fifteen minutes later to go back out again.

Sparky discovers snow 1-21-09

Sparky discovers snow 1-21-09

Alas, my poor, very short-haired puppy is not very hardy. A warm beach would be nice….. whether a freak  snow storm where snow rarely ever makes an appearance or a weeklong burst of inspiration and creativity, I know to expect the unexpected from God. He loves to surprise us and afford us those “ah-ha!” God moments. I’m expecting Him soon and in a big and mighty way to swing open a door for me to a full-time ministry position that will utilize all of my creative, artsy and music skills – even my computer and administrative abilities.

Did I mention somewhere warm would be really nice?

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