Meandering thoughts

I feel so much better today, full of creative energy and spring fever. The churning I felt yesterday has given way to my usual bounciness and I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done that I needed to accomplish today, and it’s not even three o’clock yet.

I was awake half of the night thinking about how could I exclusively worship musicially in only one style?? and not burn out or go crazy?? I know I’ve burned out on trying to help an elderly congregation “convert” its style to something more modern, because that takes the strength of Samson, but do I really want to go exclusively contemporary and forfeit the liturgical style I was weaned on??

The answer came as a resounding: no, I want both. I know that my best fit is going to be with a church that holds the traditional liturgical style dear and does it well and ALSO has an established contemporary style gathering. How did I get to that conclusion? Clueless. Lots of meandering, I’m sure.

This stream of consciouness may seem really haphazard, but I realized that if I were leading a contemporary praise band – kickin’ though it may be – and didn’t have the psaltry, too, I wouldn’t feel musically balanced. I like both for different reasons, I need both for different reasons. I have been burned out on “traditional” that wasn’t really traditional as I know it, but rather a local cultural tradition that I didn’t relate to. Somebody’s tradition, any way. Mid-20th-century-time-capsulesque.

So I guess the segue in there somehow must have been that I know I’m gifted to encourage and take a music group “to the next level” regardless of the worship style, and I also know that both formal liturgy and contemporary worship style feed me personally, so if the Lord leads me somewhere that both styles are established already, that would be the right place for me. At least I think that may have been how I got to that conclusion.

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