I’ve been absorbed in a lot of reading lately, and when not reading, working on the annual accounting for my hubby’s business – thus why I haven’t journaled in a week. The more I’ve been meditating and absorbing lately, the more convinced and excited I am about my calling and where it appears God is leading me. I have spoken with several pastors recently about how important it is for me to accept a music ministry position that is in fact missional ministry. Great Commission ministry. As a “musicianary.”

The Urban Dictionary defines “musicianary” as:

A missionary whose primary tool is one of music, using songs to spread the Gospel.

Andres T. Tapia, in his article “Musicianaries,” published in Christianity Today  (October 7, 1996), wrote:

As a “musicianary” he knows it is imperative to use the gift of music to serve others and the gift is only developed through serving.

I strongly believe that God does not want me to serve in a church where the music in the worship gathering stops at edifying the gathered Christians, but to serve in a church where the music helps to draw in others who are seeking God but who perhaps do not know that He is the One they are seeking. In other words, a clearly missional position, rather than just an in-house music job. I don’t know if that is going to come across the way I’m reflecting on it, but hey, what’s a journal for but to sound out my random thoughts so I can clarify them.

The music in the worship gathering should always, always, always point the congregation toward God and should always coordinate with the pastor’s teaching and Scripture readings. The music director works hand-in-hand with the pastor and under their authority to achieve the vision God has put in the pastor’s heart. That’s a given as far as I’m concerned.

At the communal worship gathering, I feel it is imperative that there is only and ever an audience of ONE and it is for His pleasure that we gather. It is to God alone that we pray, that we lift our hearts and voices and songs. A church where the people invite friends and neighbors to come and worship with them because the love of God has so transformed their vision of the purpose of their lives that their enthusiasm is contagious and people naturally want to come and “check out” this God who can so excite people. And where there seems to be a lull in new spiritual births, there needs to be a new outreach effort. People more often don’t walk in the doors unannounced; they want to be invited to the party.

That’s where I, as a musicianary, want to be. I want to do my part in helping reach out into the culture with the healing message we as Christians have to share with a hurting, lied-to world. If that means adding music to other outreach events, or playing a coffeehouse style social event, or setting up regular concert events with local Christian musicians – I want to using my organizational and administrative gifts and skills as well as my musical skills all together for the purpose of serving God by using what He’s given me to touch others who matter to Him.

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