The “e” word

sports-exerciseThat’s right: exercise.

Sparky and I have both gotten too flabby this past winter. So since the rain finally stopped this morning and when it cleared off, the temperature was just perfect, this afternoon we went out and took a long walk (for us).

Sparky’s not used to being on a leash. Sparky doesn’t like that tight collar he can’t pull out of. Sparky’s not used to walking nicely beside anyone for more than two feet at a time – and that’s to the pantry for a cookie. Sparky didn’t like being told he had to walk on the road and get his dainty little tootsies dirty. Ewww. Sparky normally sleeps nearly twenty hours a day. Sparky’s also used to being held when he wants to be held. Sparky weighed in yesterday at 26 lbs. None of your business what I weighed in at. Suffice it to say I can’t get my good jeans on any more, and with the money I spent on those seven pair, that’s a problem.

So since getting married has unfortunately meant simultaneously expanding, it’s time to be putting serious effort into keeping the svelte figure I had for 42.5 years. Yesterday I spent 22 minutes going a mile and a half on the gazelle walker-thingee while Sparky slept on his stinky dog blanket. Today we both got fresh air and walked a mile and a half on real pavement.

I hope that this determination to fit back into all of my clothes sticks. Ree can vouch that the “soup diet” worked for us way back when, so I may do soup and salad from now until whenever. Dunno. When we got back from our twenty minute stroll down the road and back, Sparky nearly keeled over on the deck. Me? I feel up and less sluggish, keeping in mind we just had a huge lunch at my in-laws’.

With all the books I’ve been reading lately, and being disappointed in quite a few so much that I’m not even adding them to my posted book list, the spiritual exercise portion of my week has been dragging. I’m hoping that the physical exercise will help enliven the sluggish part of me that no book is going to help with.

I think I’ll do progress reports on myself to keep me honest. Besides, those size 2 and 4 jeans haven’t been worn since before I got married. Oh yeah. Let’s do it.

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