Sparky must be a 2nd grader

weeble3Phew. I just got home from subbing for a second grade class and I’m exhausted. And I was only there the second half of the day. Interestingly, I’ve worked before with pre-teens and teens, adults and seniors, but these little mini people were the most draining! I felt like I was herding cats.

Of course, there were a lot of similarities with this age group from the ones I’m more experienced working with so I found humor in watching some of the antics. I also felt more hair turning grey. For example, there were more aches and pains going on in this classroom than in a room full of senior citizens. I tallied an aching arm, shoulder, ankle, leg, stomach, two heads, a finger and a bruise on a shin. There was as much drama as in any youth fellowship group, and that was just with the girls. The boys were more erratic than dramatic. The overall energy level was akin to a junior high fellowship group after snack time with soda and iced cupcakes.

Actually, what the group of twenty young-uns most reminded me of was an entire class full of Sparkys. Some were clingy and needed hugging, some were tattling on someone else, some were running, some were yapping, some were trying to wrestle, some had a toy someone else wanted, some were quite messy, some were just wiggling and wouldn’t stay still, one wanted to eat a crayon and one needed a nap. All simultaneously. For four hours.

Yup, all in all I’d say I just spent half a day with a litter, uh, a class of Sparky clones.

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