Hard at work

I’ve been hard at work recording music and vocals for several songs this week. It’s not easy trying to be the whole band using only one keyboard, lemme tell ya. Then after I get the accompaniment track in decent shape, I start adding the vocal tracks and pray that the dog doesn’t bark half way into it and I have to start the track over. My recording equipment is pretty old, but it works although I’m still working on keeping out hiss from the mic input.

Right now I’m working on a David Crowder song and have two Chris Tomlin songs started, too. I’ve also been drawn to a few “golden oldies” from the Nixon era and will be recording those as well. Man, what I wouldn’t give for a live drummer and guitarists!!!

Emotionally, this past week’s still been up and down, which is why the recording has gone so slowly. The up part, ironically, is when I can get my attention off my lack of income and praise God for having a good plan for my life and believe He is right now working on unfolding said plan before me. That’s when I sing the best, it’s when the music tracks get laid down the easiest, and it’s especially when I’m able to  “tap, ta-tap” a bass drum sound on the C2 of my keyboard and keep a steady beat that doesn’t sound like it was played by Steve Martin in the opening scene of The Jerk.

am  thankful for little things like that.

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