Domestic day

Well, it’s been a full year of being married and I had one of those rare but truly domesticated kind of days today. Earlier this week, we got string beans canned and some pickles and then the other night I got pickled beets done (and have eaten most of them). Then today I woke up and it was nice and cool, so I wanted to hit the attic and clean out junk from up there and get stuff out on the curb before the garbage men arrived. Did that and got several loads of laundry done, hung out, folded and a few bags set aside for goodwill donations. Vaccuumed, changed the bed, took out meat to thaw for dinner and I’ve just poured myself a glass of iced tea and am about to go sit on the deck and relax before I make dinner. Didn’t make it out into the garage but that’s a whole day by itself. Besides, Carey just loves it when I straighten the garage. Maybe tomorrow or Monday.

Right now, I’m pooped!

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