44 + 1

Sigh. Survived another birthday yesterday. So today that makes me 44 plus 1 day. On the upside of getting another year older, I finished the recording of “One True God” and can work on the vid for it now.

Also, last night the hubs and I went for a special over the hill birthday blow-out dinner out to the japanese steak house on the beach where we had dinner and a show at the hibachi grill. Couldn’t help but notice on the menu that each one of our entrees cost the same or more than the usual cost for the BOTH of us to go out to eat with drinks included! The whole family busts his chops about being El Cheapo and I thought he was going to have a heart attack from sticker shock but he was good, and after his eyebrows came back down we’re still laughing about it. It’s definitely back to the chinese buffet and Golden Corral after this week for sure!

Maybe our frugality has spoiled us. I was raised on “waste not, want not” and him about the same. We like having a garden for fresh stuff all summer but also because it saves money. Between our veggies and the ones over at my mother’s, this morning I raided the beets, tomatoes and green peppers and tomorrow shall pluck all of the basil and process that. Might make homemade spaghetti sauce tomorrow. Goodness gracious but I’ve gotten so domestic I can’t hardly stand it.

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