Good thing I don’t Twitter

Alright, brace yourself. I’ve had a very full day today and I just know you’re waiting in anticipation to hear all about it. Well, not wanting to brag, here’s the abridged version:

Filmed the new vid (separate post) and was back in the house before 9am, came in dripping and took another shower, started batch of spaghetti sauce, gave Sparky a flea bath, tended garden, edited down video while sauce simmered, put up sauce and pickled beets, set vid to upload to youtube at 5pm, fed Sparky, made, ate then cleaned up dinner, checked every half hour on the upload progress to make sure dial-up connection hadn’t dropped, considered exercising, watched an hour program on tv with the hubs, tossed a toy a few times for Sparky who wasn’t interested, gave him his 10pm cookie, checked on upload again, sat at computer and wrote this blog entry while awaiting final upload of vid at 10:30pm, then thought about how it’s a good thing I don’t Twitter.

Seriously, who’d follow me?? Farm wives in the midwest?? The most exciting thing we could do is attempt to out-bore each other.

Despite the irony of it all, I’m pleased with the vid. Bet those other rural American hausfraus don’t have “film new vid” on their to-do agendas any given day of the week. And my sauce and pickled beets rock. Tomorrow, we pickle the peppers and do laundry. Yawnnnn. I’m boring myself.

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