Slaving over a hot stove

making spaghetti sauce

Sparky supervising

Ahhhhh…. summertime….. and the veggies are a-plenty.

Selected an assortment of coloured bell and banana peppers to pickle and came in with another load of grape tomatoes. That and I’m supposed to be processing all of the basil into pesto today.

Haven’t gotten to the basil just yet….. and you may be surprised to learn that a pile of basil this big does not in fact yield as much pesto as one might suspect. OK, I’ll share a secret about the pesto (‘cuz I know you’re dying to know):  I don’t can pesto. The whole point is that it’s raw and fresh, but sadly doesn’t keep forever that way.

2009-08-12 basil and tomatoes

So when I’ve got the whole batch done, I’ll take a bunch of styrofoam egg cartons and spoon into each of the thingees a tablespoon or so of pesto, then leave them in the freezer overnight and in the morning pop them out into freezer baggies. Then whenever I want some pesto or basil in something I’m cooking, I take out a little half-egg-sized frozen pesto lump and let it thaw.

I know, I know….. you’re so impressed at how awesome an idea that is. I’m blushing. Feel free to use it. My treat.

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