Lions and tigers and pears, oh my!

2009-08-19 pickled pears

A neighbor’s pear tree was ripe and the fruit was starting to fall, so they  invited us over yesterday for a tree-shaking. We gathered six 5-gallon buckets full of pears – only four of which came home with me!

I ran out of canning jars after the first two dozen pint jars were full and the hubs graciously went out and brought back three dozen new quart jars. Don’t think I’ll need all of them, but man oh man do my feet and back still ache after standing all day over the sink peeling and coring. He likes sweet pickled pears so that’s what we made. We should be good for another year (ya think???) with these for sure.

Picked all the rest of the peppers and even did two quarts of sweet pickled peppers last thing before I went to bed, too. I know, how “over achiever” of me. Maybe but, yawnnnn! I am SO tired.

Couldn’t sleep in this morning because later this afternoon I’m heading down to a three-day church music conference down on the Bogue Sound. Trying to get the rest of these pears canned so I can pack a few days’ clothes, clean up and head out. Back to blogging on Monday!

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