me at Trinity Ctr beachside1Back from the weekend conference. More on that later. Went into the weekend with the anticipation of a cross between a spiritual retreat and music workshop and was hoping that God would “speak to me” somehow, some way, somewhere while down at the beach. As I sat on the white sandy beach watching the surf roll in and out, watching the clouds float by in the beautiful blue sky, I fully believed that God would take that wonderfully scenic opportunity under the majesty of His summer sky to give me a glorious revelation to the question most pressing, even suffocating, on my heart.

But He didn’t.

He waited until I got home and caught up from last week with some of the blogs I like to read, where I found His answer to me in yet another gem from Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like. And after reading the comments on post #600 “Asking God geography questions,” I see I’m not the ony one struggling with the “how long O God” and “where am I supposed to be/what am I supposed to be doing while I wait here” questions of life.

Not going to give away the punch line. It’s well worth reading, so please read his post. God usually doesn’t speak to us in a Franco Zeffirelli dramatic experience, but rather through other people, and today, He spoke to me through Jon.

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