Dust to dust

Glad I got those vids uploaded the other day because I’ve been on my back in bed ever since. Ick. I hate being sick. Feels like the flu, but I’m hoping it’s just a really mean cold that will be over soon. Bleah.

So I was taking over the recliner and flicking channels and saw a program on EWTN called Crossing the Goal tonight. It was modeled after an ESPN-type sport show and was really quite good. During their “end zone” final words, one of the men said something that stuck in my mind and I wanted to write it down so I can meditate on it when I’m not so Day-Quilled up.

I have to remember that I came from dust and will eventually return to dust. In between those times, God breathes through my life. Will I live my life hindering His will through me by my own pride and self-centeredness? or will I allow God’s breath to flow through me unimpeded and accomplish His will for my life?

OK, that’s not an actual quote. It’s my summation of the topic with what the fellow said. But soon as I’m coherent again, I’m going to mull this over.

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