In the right place

I’ve been working around four out of five days subbing at the high school and enjoying it greatly. With the kind of enthusiastic “Norm!” greeting I get from the students when they come into a class and find out I’m filling in, I dare say – if there were a vote on these kinds of things – that I’m the most likely candidate, though unofficially, for the title “favourite sub” and the teachers and staff all tell me they like me, too. I know I’m still using my gifting in encouragement and all because just Friday after school one of the teachers came into the office as I was handing in my timesheet and said in front of the principal that he was amazed that three boys in his class did more work for me in one day than he had been able to get them to do all week. God’s favor is definitely on me in this role and it’s paying the mortgage to boot. What more could I ask, right? Oh, wait, let me pull out my list ……. kidding!

So I’m still here, still praying for full-time fulfilling work, still praying for wisdom and healing and to go out each day to be a blessing to someone (preferably everyone) that I meet during the day. I’ve actually been so busy, I’ve gone days without checking email or even turning on the computer at all and don’t miss it a bit. Haven’t even updated my blog or youtube pages. It’s like with the start of the school year, God’s put me in the path of students who must need something I have to share and being used of God is where I want to be.

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