Church Sub, too

Imagine that. My coming week is five for five days booked to sub at the high school. Awesome. What was the chance I’d go six for six?

For the past month or more, I’ve been trying hard to get back to my roots spiritually, and although I have still been playing at the little Episcopal Church when the vicar is there once a month, I’ve gone back to attending Mass. There’s a great comfort in the familiar and it feels good to be “home” again. Also, it hasn’t been often in my life that I’ve been in the pew and not behind the piano or organ, so it’s been refreshing to be ministered to. Alas, I do get restless to be playing again since music as ministry is truly my vocation. But I digress.

So I had decided this would be the morning when I would change vantage points and go sit upstairs by the organ in the choir loft (I wasn’t sure if there even was a choir, but I’ve been “the choir” all on my own before and am not shy). So I’m peering at the stops on the organ when a few folks join me up there, but still no organist. Then the lector began reading the morning announcements and I realized, hey?!? So, I thus began my week playing for Mass when the regular organist didn’t make it this morning. Just like that. Would have been better for me to have had more than about twenty seconds’ notice to locate the first hymn in the accompaniment book, but Lord willing, I found it and played straight through. God is good to me.

Funny story here, actually: in 2006 when I moved south from Vermont, I had been working for a small Catholic parish for three years as organist, secretary and bookkeeper, but when I arrived here, there was already someone playing organ for the local Catholic Church. Bummed, I kept looking around for ministry work and soon enough found a full-time post (albeit non-musical) at the local Methodist Church. Here’s the funny (or ironic) part: the Catholic (me) couldn’t work for the Catholic Church because a Methodist was playing organ there, so the Catholic (me) had to go to work for the Methodist Church.

On my way home today, I decided to dig through my archives from Vermont and came across several folders of materials and music which I shall hereafter keep in the car with me to be better prepared should I find myself spontaneously subbing as organist again!

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