R.I.P. Shermie

Sad announcement: Shermie passed on yesterday, and my mother and I buried him in the flower garden next to Olivia this afternoon. He is, or rather was, one of my cats. When I got married last year to an “I hate cats” guy, Shermie stayed with the rest of the clan at my mother’s (only a few miles away). Dubbed “The Sherminator” as a kitten because he was like a little kamakazi and into and on top of everything, he always had a meow that sounded remarkably like the Aflac Duck, a huge nose and really scrawny body. Sadly, although he was a swell cat who rode on my lap in the car back and forth from Vermont many times, he was always sickly from the time we got him as a little funny-looking hairy kitten.

In remembrance of Shermie-doodle, 1/17/01 – 11/3/09.

Shermie arrives 4/12/01

Shermie arrives 4/12/01

Shermie with Leo 5/1/01

Leo with baby Shermie 5/1/01

2009-10-23 Shermie and BooBoo (2)

Shermie mentoring little BooBoo 10/23/09 right before both of them caught colds

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