Ask Sister Mary Martha

It’s been a long week here. Since last week’s drenching by Ida flooded a lot of local areas, the schools were closed the balance of the week, again on Monday this week and late start on Tuesday. Since the teachers lost nearly a week of instructional time, there was no way anybody was calling in sick. Good for them, bad for me, the substitute teacher who doesn’t get paid unless I work.

So I’m beyond bored at home this week, having redecorated Sparky’s room, vaccuumed the house, done laundry, blah, blah, blah. Might make peanut butter cookies later since when I checked my email this morning, one of the daily recipes in my inbox was for chocolate & peanut butter pie, which after printing that out, I then found the Jif recipe for the cookies. I actually have the ingredients in the pantry for that, so it’s a possibility this afternoon. If I ever get my butt up away from the computer.

Oh, yes. The computer, on dial-up that keeps dropping on me, running so slow and draggy we actually went out and bought a new one last weekend, hooked it up and internet still ran like crap on dial-up at all of 28.8 or 26.4 kbs so we packed it back up and returned it to Wal-Mart. Didn’t want Windows 7 anyway. Since they took away Outlook that my hubs uses and Moviemaker that I use, why should I stick with Windows?? We’re saving up for a Mac. So, since it’s so aggravating to be online, why in the world am I still on the computer today, you ask?

Because I found a blog that has had me in stitches more often than not and made me forget about the clock, which for such as week as this, is nothing short of wonderful. I started off with my weekly visit to They Look Like Trees to cheer for the success of the one-year old Church Relevant plant down in New Bern, NC. Then I was off to visit the Ironic Catholic to see how she was coming along with her newest baby. Then I clicked one of her links to check out another blog, then I think another, and I wound up on Sister Mary Martha’s blog.

And that is where I have spent the last few hours, even bringing my lunch in here to eat while reading some of her hysterical recounts of daily life as an older nun living in the world but not of it outside of Los Angeles. If she can make it there, she can make it anywhere, right? She also answers readers questions about Catholic stuff. I wish I had had her for CCD! Her wisdom and matter of fact, straight forward and honest narratives coupled with a sense of humor that reminds me of a combination of my Gramma, my best friend and a few priests I know has gotten me hooked.

My new favourite blog: Ask Sister Mary Martha. Well worth your time to visit. And be a pal and order your next patron saint medal from their shop online.

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