Little Red Riding Hood goes to granddaughter’s house

This just in:

Be on the lookout for Little Red Riding Hood, last spotted embarking northbound on Amtrak at 10:30 this morning. Be advised that the suspect has a thermos of hot tea and may unwittingly spill scalding contents onto unsuspecting passengers. Also, be further advised that suspect will be moving slowly due to wearing of no less than four layers of upper body wear.

If seen, confiscate small pull-tote luggage and brown faux-leather tote immediately. Be advised that suspect may appear slightly dazed and confused after the six hour journey north. Therefore, please be sure suspect has retained possession of the library book, “I, Alex Cross” as well as a small black fanny pack in which her identity can be proven.

When found, please retrieve, take home and feed for several days before returning on southbound train.

End communication.

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