Shermie’s grave

How awesome is this? While going around thinning out plants in the flower garden I saw this the other day: an Easter lily is growing up out of Shermie’s grave. Awwwwwwww…….. The significance of that is that the lily bulb was not planted there. In fact, the only lily bulbs we had were planted in the front yard four years ago and the pathetic little stubby lilies that came up the first year thereafter did not come up since because the soil is bad and we figured they died or the moles ate them since we’ve never seen one since. So how this particular bulb made its way 75 feet and past two fences over to Shermie’s resting place – literally growing out from under his tombstone – is amazing to us.

Of course, Shermie always did love being out in the garden at each house we’ve had. Miss that ole Shermie-doodle……… RIP Shermoo.

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