…and then there were five

Boo Boo was adopted this afternoon by one of my students from the high school. Thanks, Caitlin, and best wishes for a great future with your Boo!

Boo Boo - adopted 9-18-10 by Caitlin

These guys still need loving homes – they are each very sweet and mellow half-Lab puppies. Sire is full Yellow Lab, dam is one half Great Dane, one quarter German Shepherd and one quarter Black Lab. Most of the puppies look like Lab with German Shepherd, but Big Frankie seems to have gotten  the Great Dane physique and Lily got all the German Shepherd colouring.

I spend lots of time each day cuddling and holding everybody and making sure each puppy gets lots of one-on-one time on my lap or nose-to-nose with me, so when I say these puppies are ready for families, you can believe me they will be people-oriented! DOB 7-5-10 (currently 11 weeks old today) – please adopt!

Amelia resting her head on Freddie

Betty with white chin - very Lab personality

Frankie got all the Great Dane genes - but he thinks he's a tiny lap dog

Lily got all of the German Shepherd brains & colouring and Lab ears

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