Lab puppies update

Due to taking five courses this semester, I’ve been remiss in visiting the blog, followed by forgetting my password, etc. etc. OK, puppy update:

The rest of the puppies were adopted out approximately a week to a week and a half apart. I’m quite pleased with the promised homes for my puppies, as Lily, Amelia and Betty each went to stay-at-home folks either elderly or on disability who could spend lots of time with my needy girls. Also, Freddie went to a middle schooler who carried him off like a really big prize at a County Fair and I understand he sleeps in the house. Boo Boo (did I report on him already?) had gone first to a young lady I know from the high school and I know that he has fit in very well with their other dogs. Frankie was adopted by a young man who enjoys hunting and told me that the first time he took Frankie out with his dad, Frankie stayed right near him, obeyed him each time he called and took every opportunity to dive into water!

Amelia was the last one to be placed, and that was in the evening. She got loose from the fellow in the dark and he called me in a panic to help find her (they are just up the road less than a mile). So me and my flashlight and really loud voice collected Amelia and she successfully spent her first night in her new home. The next morning, I’m letting Nemo and the older dogs out at 7am and I see running out in the road a dog that looked like Amelia! Augh!!! So out I go in my fuzzy bathrobe calling her and as she comes over all “grovel, grovel, rollover, lick, lick” – it dawns on me that this isn’t Amelia. OK. Excuse me, madam, and just who are you??

Jade - the stray Black Lab puppy

Bottom line, I put her up on the porch in one of the crates until I had a cup of tea and could decide what to do with her. Letting Nemo, Sparky, Emily and Sadie back in, they sniffed the cage with as much indifference as they could muster and I was floored. It was like they thought it was Amelia in the cage, but she smelled worse. Afterward, they totally adopted her into the pack and she is currently with me, going on two weeks now. And amazingly enough, that first day I had a call in the afternoon from a woman wanting to know if I still had any puppies left. Well, as a matter of fact…… so she’s going to be picked up at Thanksgiving as a surprise for the woman’s daughter.

Did I mention we also got three chickens in early October so we could have eggs? One lovely grey Americana that will lay greenish-blue eggs and two Wellsummers that will look kind of like the Kellogg’s rooster. Literally. Earlier this week, they crowed. And they’re not fond of being handled the way Fiona (the silver one) is. So they need new homes. Or a freezer. (omg – did I say that??).

New chickens - born 10-2-2010

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