6 week old puppies from Litter #2

Here are pictures from our second (and final) litter of Black Lab mix puppies. They were born on February 4. I have four females and three males available. The sire is a large full-blooded Yellow Lab and the dam is half Black Lab and one quarter Great Dane, one quarter German Shepherd. First, here is a photo of Nemo, my “keeper” from the first litter. He looks exactly like his father except for being jet black instead of yellow:

Nemo - 8 months old, from the first litter

 And now, on to the baby pictures!

Cuddly, happy babies! Very sweet Lab dispositions

Let's pull the blanket out from under her - all together now!

Close-up of beautiful, sweet Lab expressions

Hunter - male with white stripe on his chest and one white toenail on back right foot

Mikey - male with one pink toe on back left foot

Tweedy - female with blonde tips on her fur and two white toes on back right foot

Rosie - small girl who got all of Mama Daisy's latent German Shepherd genes

Frankie - male with three white toes on back feet, small white patch on his chest and scattering of white strands on tip of his chin, and one partly pink toe on back right foot

Amelia - female, all black except a few strands of white on her chest and one white toenail on her back left foot

Gracie - female, large, solid black girl

A girl just doesn't feel dressed without her purse

Showing Frankie's white chest patch, almost a chevron pattern

Good solid little puppies

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