Chicken rule #1

Chicken rule #1: what goes into the chicken, will come out again in approximately one hour. Chickens have very short intestinal tracks (as do all birds).

When living in the tundra region known as Vermont, we could not keep poor Olivia cooped up in her dog crate all day without any exercise. Sure, we shoveled the driveway so she had a path to walk down, but that can only go so far waltzing back and forth between three foot drifts of snow, not to mention the imminent danger of having the melting snow avalanche off the slate roof and possibly crushing her into a chicken pancake.

We quickly learned Rule #1 and found that as long as she hadn’t had anything to eat, she was perfectly fine walking around the carriage house and kitchen for several hours without the fear of leaving chicken plop on the floor. Or the fuzzy lima-bean dog couch where she often sat. Seriously.

Olivia stealing the dog's toy in the living room 10-28-2003

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