Health and Wellness class project

OK, so it’s a required course that I’m taking this semester. For my “health experience” project, I’m tracking my eating and exercise activities online using this pretty cool website called I must say, I do like the interactive spreadsheet functioning of the site. OK, if you know me and my quirky need for organization of minute details, you’ll realize I LOVE the interactive spreadsheet functioning of the site. Detail. In minutia. Customizable. woooHOOOOoooooo!

I’ll probably keep on with it long after this class is over. It just totally appeals to the over-organizer in me. Shut up. If you’re the spreadsheet, statistics, track changes type like me, you’ll like it, too. You can’t forget that under “activities” for the day to include the number of hours you were sleeping. Duh? like who thinks of that as an activity, right? But the body does burn calories overnight. My chart also includes walking and biking. Nyah,  nyah.

“Biking?” you say? Me???

my new bike

Hush. Right now I’m hoping to drop the 15-20 pounds I put on since early 2008 and set my goal on FitDay for two months from now. Never been so chunk-o in my life before this and I just can’t stand feeling so blah. So…..I got new tires put on my mother’s bike and I snagged me a snazzy new mint-green cruiser from Wal-Mart the other day, and each evening this week, we go for a short ride to get our legs into the habit of actually, you know, functioning like normal again. It’s just a hair under a mile to the end of the road and back. I’m determined to fit back into all of my regular clothes again.

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