My kingdom for a matzo

Oy vay. Here it is almost to Passover and do you think I can find a box of Manischewitz Matzos in our local grocery store?? Nooooo. Like trying to find a Hannukah card. Of course, they are a NJ company, so we used to be able to get every product Manischewitz made in like every store, but not down here. My mother and I were having a craving for them so bad, I looked them up online and found that the only place nearby where I might actually get a box (or twelve since I guess I’ll have to stock up) is out at Wal-Mart. I’d love a box of onion matzos, but would happily settle for a box of plain, salted ones.

Egg matzos with salt schmeered with softened butter - YUMMMM!

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