“Just let it go”

As I am wont to do, I greatly enjoy Sister Mary Martha’s blog. Today’s post had a wonderful bit that I had to share about people who wonder about the “grand scheme of things” (like me) and how God works things out for our good (despite our most persistent efforts to try His patience):

As for the Great Scheme of Things….that’s Sacred Mystery territory. If you are a regular reader you’ll know what I mean by that.  The Church defines a Sacred Mystery as that which we are not even meant to understand, God’s wisdom that is beyond our capacity as humans to ever understand.  I define it to mean, “Just let it go.”

Sacred Mystery=Catholic for “just let it go.”

I love that!


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2 responses to ““Just let it go”

  1. Suzanne

    Yes, and being ok with not knowing and that that’s ok, sometimes you actually feel the light bulb suddenly appearing over you head: Ohhhhhhhhh….!

  2. Too funny! And yet there is this part of us that stretches for understanding isn’t there? In the end when God’s mystery is unveiled in our lives we generally can only say “Huh? Well that’s not how I pictured it at all.”


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