R.I.P. Mikey

Well, we buried Mikey in the garden this afternoon. He was one of the local feral kittens we had taken in a few years ago and was always skinny and not big on being petted. Kind of like Boo Boo Scissorhands, one of two feral kittens who arrived within a month of each other two summers ago. Boo Boo has the absolutely worst breath EV-ER. It’s no wonder his mama abandoned him. Mikey wasn’t keen on being petted and we rarely found him not in hiding to actually take a picture, but I looked for some pictures of Mikey to tell his story and here they are.

Mikey in 2008 wearing a stylish pink collar with bell


Mikey meeting Baby Sparky and deciding we had gotten the puppy just for him, 6/15/08


The start of a beautiful friendship - 6/15/08

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