…and the Kitten Fairy taketh away

As quickly as Sylvia appeared, she was  claimed by her owners and taken away. Phew.

They had a VBS going on across the street this week, and apparently she “hitched a ride in the wheel well” under someone’s car, got here to the parking lot by the cemetery, where she climbed down and they proceeded to chase her unsuccessfully across the cemetery toward the trees where she then disappeared. The next morning, I pulled her out of a tree. Tuesday night, a lady came over and asked if we had seen a tabby kitten, so ta-da! Sylvia went back from whence she originated. I had thought it odd that a feral kitten would have been so easy to handle, so there it is. Mystery solved. Kitten has a home and I don’t have yet another mouth to feed.

That does NOT in any way, shape or form indicate that the Kitten Fairy has to make it up to us, of course. I’m just saying.

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