St. Joseph comes through again!

Getting on my Catholic soapbox here for a minute, so please bear with me while I ramble. I know a lot of superstitious people think that burying a mini-statue of St. Joseph in their front lawn is supposed to magically sell their house. I did not, I repeat – DID NOT – do such a crass thing.

What I did do was pray last week and ask for his help in sending me a buyer for my house at the price I needed and to help me find a new house for us to move into down where we’re interested in heading. Not only that, but we’ve had a drought here for just over a month with absolutely no rain. So lemme tell ya how it went down.

Two days after my chat with St. Joseph, which happened to be the afternoon of the same day our houseguest left, our realtor calls with a last minute request to bring by some interested parties who initially had no intention of seeing our house, but another one that proved disappointing. On twenty minutes’ notice. We have dogs and cats. Vaccuuming takes longer than twenty minutes, you know? But hey, what a “coincidence” that the house was all spiffy that particular day already, and the yard had been mowed two hours earlier and the sun was shining and the berries on the bushes were ripe, and my mother said, “sure, come on over!” They did. They came, they saw, they loved it and two days later, they made an offer. In a stale real estate market, our house was all of 31 days on

As for the drought, around 7:30pm the day they looked at the house, we had a big blow-in with some heavy rain that left the evening nice and cool and comfy. Not to mention perk up all of our flowers and especially the poor withering hydrangea bush. We’ve had some more rain since during the signing of contracts and all. Talk about a nice refreshing both physically and spiritually, if you don’t see the connection, I don’t know what to say, but I do not in any way at all believe it’s been a coincidence.

Bottom line is that once again, prayer to St. Joseph does not go ignored when it’s sincere and within God’s plan. I had no father growing up. St. Joseph is special to me, and one again, dependably, he provides a helping hand. You can be superstitious all you want and do silly things like planting magic totems in your front lawn, upside down, no less. Or you can have a serious faith-walk and believe in the communion of saints and that those who have gone on before us are already partying with Jesus, so you go ahead and ask one of them to put in a good word for you because you were and still are their friend and they’re happy to do that for you. Since they’re already there and all.

It’s all about the relationship.

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