Etruscan, Greek & Roman art

One of the discussion board questions in this week’s Art History course was: “How much do you think our sculpture today is influenced by the ancient Greeks and Romans?” I posted the following in response, because I have a weird sense of humor:

I’m not very familiar with today’s modern sculpture to say how much of an influence the Romans and Greeks have, but I think I can say that the “Greek ideal” is very much alive and operating in today’s media venues like movies and magazines.

Magazine ads of women can be composites of several models photo-shopped together (think: Frankenstein’s monster!) to make what the advertiser thinks the “perfect” woman for the product should look like. Of course, that person doesn’t exist in one body….. My husband picked up a men’s health magazine once and I remember how we thought it was funny that so many of the ads claim that the average Joe Reader can have a body just like in the picture in just a few easy steps – yeah, like: open PhotoShop, click, cut, paste, save!

I think I’d like to have my portrait done as the “ideal” me. In fact, I’d like to be remembered as The Queen of Everything (just ask my husband). So here’s my new portrait as Hera, wife of Zeus, Goddess and Queen of the Greek Gods done in the third century Roman style [i.e., slapping a real person’s face on a heroic or god-like body]:

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