Salad, Yoga and Brazil Butt Lift

New Year’s resolution: to lose the 25 pounds of fat and blah I put on since 2008 mostly by going back to eating super healthy meals. Also going to attempt to maintain some level of exercise, something I never had to do for my first 42 years in order to stay svelte. Most difficult part of this resolution will be getting my mother to eat health-ily as well. Made a large salad on happy fish plates for supper the other night, which she loved: chicken pieces, raisins, pecans, crushed Stacy’s garlic pita chips crumbled as croutons and a light raspberry vinaigrette along with homemade wine coolers fit the bill. Now, if I can get her to eat like this with me all the time……she keeps slipping in donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc. Augh! Keep that stuff out of the house!

Also on the agenda will be the exercise videos: Booty Ballet (yoga) and Brazil Butt Lift. We’ll see how they go. Ain’t posting no photo of me in a bikini at this point, nuh uh, no way!

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