R.I.P. Benny

Sigh. Big Benny, one of our Maine Coon Cats and the larger bro to Phoofie, has gone on. Very sad. We almost didn’t adopt him at the humane shelter, because we had our quota of cats already and had decided we would just take home the Phoof. Until I was writing the cheque and happened to turn back toward the cage and saw him hanging from the sides like a jumping jack mewing at us as if to say, “Wait, take me, too!!!”

Although they had virtually the same colouring, Benny was the complete opposite of Phoofie in almost every other respect except chattiness and willing to join into a conversation. Whereas Phoofie is fastidious about his personal hygiene, Benny couldn’t give a hoot and sported dirt spots, clumpy fur and the general impression of Pigpen from Charlie Brown. Whereas Phoofie is always polite when he interrupts, Benny always barged into a room announcing his current demand with a voice that could best be described as the feline version of Ralph Cramdon. He was a total mess, but we loved him anyway, and will miss him very much.

Benny – 11/17/2005 – 5/22/2012

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