Our hens

Remember Olivia? I did a picture memorial when she died. The Chicken Chronicles continue.

Olivia 5/5/03 – 3/21/09

Well, apparently we couldn’t go on forever without more chickens, so in early October, a friend gave me three baby chicks so we could have fresh eggs again. Fiona is a silvery grey Americana who will be laying bluish-green eggs and the two Wellsummers will look like the Kellogg’s rooster.

The Wellsummer roosters – ain’t gonna lay eggs 11-14-10

Literally. In mid-November, they crowed. They went to a new home around the corner at a neighbor’s who was in need of new studs.

Fiona towering over little Bantams, Ruby & Pearl 3-8-11

After the boys moved out, Ruby and Pearl, two Japanaese bantams, moved in. Fiona is quite vocal, having learned to crow from her brothers. Thanks, boys. Little Ruby and Pearl make cherbly noises, Ruby trills and Pearl makes little “uh-oh” noises. The little ones are like two salt and pepper shakers. Fiona is so loud, we fear trying to hide our contraband chickens in our new home. We’ll have to tell people we have a parrot.

Fiona strolling in the garden 3-12-11

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