New pursuits

Gosh, golly, but I’ve been busy. Last December at the end of Astronomy (got an A, btw), I realized I couldn’t take a spring course until I re-established local residency in order to take my last six credits.

In the meanwhile, I dove full into doing what I’ve always wanted to do but never had the time for: animal sculpture. Not just any sculpture, mind you. Papier mache pets, specifically. I’ve already sold one commissioned dog this week and just today (Valentine’s Day) consigned eight pieces to a local art gallery. Waaaay psyched. Did I mention I have also been teaching an art class at our local senior center? Oh yeah, baby. I’m doing it. Ain’t getting any younger, so better now than never.

Anyway, someone might be curious, so here’s the blog link showing various critters I’ve created. I’d love to have some “Likes” on the FB page for Big Black Dog Studio’s page (hint, hint, hint), please!

Web page:

Facebook page:

100_2008 100_2011

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