My Portfolio Page and Info

I am posting the contents of my Portfolio page over here, since the Caffeinated Music audience seems a very appropriate place to offer this aspect of my freelance promotional writing services. Please pop over to my studio page and look around and if you have any questions, please message me.

In addition to art work, I have always needed to promote whatever ministry group or event for whichever church I had worked for, and as I am now retired from ministry, I wish to offer that kind of service to the general public.

The desktop publishing I did to promote various ministry work combined with the Grammar Cop in me while handling heavy document production in busy law firms during my twenties and thirties has left me with some awesome writing skills. There is a section on my original blog tagged as “my best papers” that I pooled together various creative writings and many of the school papers I had written while I was taking online courses. Most of those research papers generate between 100 and 400 views per week during college semesters, which in addition to being highly flattering, has also entrenched my writing in the Google standings. As a tutor, I have been helping others learn to write for many years and it had not occurred to me that I could and should be making a living adding writing to the current creative services I offer.

Bottom line: In addition to the design and art work I currently do, I am rather good at writing toward promoting some point or other and I wish to go forward using all of my super powers as my new career.

After getting cancer for my 50th birthday (that sucked), I want to spend the balance of my time engaging in work that blesses and uplifts others. With a natural gifting as an encourager and well-honed business and creative writing skills, if you or your company needs promotional assistance in the way of:

  • local storefront windows painted or
  • a piece of personalized art work for your home or office, or perhaps
  • some press releases and original articles written for use on your website or for original content for newsletters or for submission to trade publications to showcase your business,

by all means please contact me! I would love to join forces with you in this next exciting phase of my life.

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