Getting ready for 2019

So I discovered the awesome graphic playground site known as Canva this past week and am loving it so far. Love even more that it’s free.

Changed a couple of things ya’ll may notice, including the banner or header graphic up top on this blog as well as on my other site, Big Black Dog Studio‘s Facebook page as well. I like how the graphics came out.

Caffeinated Music ... musings over tea

Caffeinated Music … musings over tea

Hello - Welcome to Big Black Dog Studio

Hello – Welcome to Big Black Dog Studio

Been thinking about where I want to take my writing in the new year, and as such have been going through not only articles I’ve posted online, but a whole lot of writing I’ve done for various courses and just simply creative writing.

Would you believe I have come up with a baker’s dozen so far in my files that include children’s and tween’s stories, historical fiction, “how-to” articles, and the various creative non-fiction and school essays I’ve posted here on Caffeinated Music over the past ten years.

The big project right now: I’m researching and schooling myself on how to self-publish on Kindle. Wow. Seriously, I’m going to do this, but the initial rush of information just makes my eyes hurt going through it all. Of course, this would be expected for any learning curve on something new.

I’m also considering starting a mailing list, doing a new author website to promote the Kindle books, and of course doing the artwork and illustrations that go with the children’s books.

Of course, I still have my old Windows XP that runs certain very expensive software I’m not ready to give up on yet, another computer running Windows 7, and only pretty recently got a touch tablet that runs the abbreviated Windows 10 on it. I’m not on Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest or have ever run a Facebook ad. My smartphone is an iPhone 4S. Why? because all of my oldies but goodies still work and do the job. I’m not real big on having the latest-greatest gadgets, and not only because they cost ridiculous amounts of money and I refuse to succumb to that kind of tech peer-pressure.

That said, venturing forward into the new realm of online business and marketing is a pretty big step. Deep breath.

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