About me

Welcome to my musings! Here is my official “author’s bio” –

Suzanne Ryan has an eclectic background in the arts. She is a retired Music Ministry Director/Worship Leader with over thirty years serving in ministry. She has also directed numerous community musical theatre productions as well as designed and constructed sets. She has spent half a century living in Victorian-era homes and has done a ton of restoration and construction work on them to bring each back to its former glory. She is an artist working in sculpture and painting techniques, including the refinishing and repurposing of cast-off items to give them new life. She has worked for lawyers and churches, with children through seniors, and is an encourager, coach and teacher. She is a dog and cat lover, a country girl now living at the beach, and for her 50th birthday, began chemotherapy for Hodgkins lymphoma that wiped out most of 2015 from her memory. As a lifelong wordsmith, she reflects on life’s experiences and writes about all of it. Visit CaffeinatedMusic.com for her musings.


I don’t really care for speaking of myself in third person, so, let’s try a little first-person trivia about me ….

I can’t eat first thing in the morning. The caffeine and sugar need time to absorb unimpeded by solid food in order for my body to catch up with my brain, which has been up and running since before I got out of bed. It takes two cups of tea before my body catches up and I become even remotely conversant.
11-10-13 selfie (1)

M.T.A.M. (Miscellaneous Trivia About Me)

…I’m a very spiritual person who was raised Catholic…I am a passionate animal lover…I make my pot of tea in a Mr. Coffee and drink it from a Starbucks mug…I always decorate with the same four colours…My car windows are covered in dog nose smears…I have naturally messy hair…I hate wearing pantyhose…thrift stores rule…I look good in blue, white and light pink…I change my hair colouring whenever I’m bored…I’m eccentric enough to allow my life to revolve around my pets and coherent enough to know it….I enjoy cooking and vacuuming but hate washing dishes…I hate ants and bugs…Daisies and Black-eyed Susans are my favourite garden flowers…I am not afraid of tackling home renovations…I like dark chocolate…I don’t usually understand most of what small children are saying…I fold my socks and underwear and organize my dressor drawers…I have learned how to do many things quite well simply because some idiot told me I couldn’t…I don’t enjoy driving…I like the smell of freshly mowed grass…I am not a night-owl…I tape pages of music together in one long row because I hate turning pages…

I’ve been accompanying singing divas on the piano my entire life ……

3-25-67 I started young – with Lori Anchor

…. then I grew up and have been waving my arms in front of musical groups ever since ……

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Verses to live by:

“Never let evil talk pass your lips; say only the good things men need to hear, things that will really help them. Do nothing that will sadden the Holy Spirit with whom you were sealed against the day of redemption. Get rid of all bitterness, all passion and anger, harsh words, slander, and malice of every kind. In place of these, be kind to one another, compassionate, and mutually forgiving, just as God has forgiven you in Christ.” (Ephesians 4:29–32)

Or, as Thumper quoted his father as saying, “If ya can’t say
sumthin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all!” (Bambi)

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