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I am out standing in my field

Okay, it’s actually the beach, but this picture cracks me up!! I used to have an old button with a picture of a cow on it and underneath was:

“I am out standing in my field.”

11-11-13 me at beach2

It was 81 degrees with Gulf temp of 72 degrees. God, I do love living here!

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Sparky goes to the dog beach

Been taking Nemo to the dog beach at Honeymoon Island State Park. He loves it. Decided to try taking Mr. Prissy himself to see if he likes the beach as much as the ‘Mo does. He coped pretty well….

Sparky’s turn at the dog beach

….. the bath getting all the sand and salt off of him afterward, he didn’t like so much. But while he was there, he enjoyed himself as this picture of him actually smiling proves! 😀

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