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Coloring Planners for Cat Lovers

Because Phoofie.

Way before I was a Crazy Dog Lady, I was a Crazy Cat Lady. In honor of the lives of my coolest cats over the years – Philphil, Shermie and Phoofie – our 2020 Weekly Planners with Coloring Pages for Cat Lovers are now available on Amazon.

Did a full FLIPBOOK video to allow ya’ll to thumb through the entire interior as though you were standing in the bookstore looking at it in person (especially since one cannot always trust Amazon to show the number of pages to viewers that we’d like).

Check them out here:

GET THEM HERE on Amazon today:

Meeowza cover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1712204521

Cat Fur on My Clothes , Pawprints on My Heart cover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1712204408

Happiness is a Purring Cat on My Lap cover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1712204785

Because Cat cover: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1712203711

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2020 Dog Lover Weekly Planners are here!

You can’t see me over here, but I’m all spazzy jumping up and down right now. Why? Because …

They’re here! My Nemo-inspired 2020 Weekly Planners with Coloring Pages for Dog Lovers are out on Amazon now! [cue: crowd roaring]

Totally dog-centric holidays along with the “usual” human ones are included in this combination weekly planner and adult coloring book. On each weekday page is a quarter-page size dog paw mini mandala, plus there are 14 full page coloring pages as well.

Here’s the mini promo video!

For those who may not be very familiar with me as an artist and Varsity Upcycler, the design of these planners is so OCD (which, if you know me, you know), at the end of the year, every design can be cut out and used for gift tags or ornaments by gluing them onto card stock. How is that for the ultimate in recycling and repurposing? 😉

Because no one wants to carry around a heavy tome, this is pretty lightweight at 8.5 inches square and around a quarter-inch or third of an inch thick on standard paper. A monthly goals page, seasonal planning pages and a lot of dog paw mandalas featuring Nemo’s pawprint, the provenance about which is described here.

The origin of My Nemo's pawprint graphic

The origin of My Nemo’s pawprint graphic

A practical note from yours truly who amuses myself by creating all kinds of coloring page designs like these for my own enjoyment: colored pencils are the medium of choice unless you put something behind the page to keep wetter inks from bleeding through. If you want to watercolor or paint the design, my suggestion is to photocopy the small design to blow it up to the size you want it to be, then with tracing paper behind it, lightly trace the design onto your canvas and you can use any medium you like! Kind of like those Paint N Sip parties where you bring your own booze.

Perfect gift idea under $10 for all your dog lover friends and family, which btw is what inspired me to create a combo fun and useful product like this in the first place. Now, not only my friends can have their own copies of my artwork, all of yours can, too!!!

This is my first foray into “putting my stuff out there” and there will be more planners coming (including the Phoofie-inspired Cat Lovers version), but I do want to know what y’all think. I decided to sweeten the pot by offering weekly coloring page freebies to those who pop over to my Studio page and:

I don’t have the patience to wait for Amazon to get around to adding the “Look inside” feature, so here is My FlipBook version of a the full Look Inside!

Here’s what’s on the back cover:

All Crazy Dog Ladies and Crazy Dog Guys believe that they have the Best Dog Ever, and every single one of them is correct. Quirky, silly, goofy, with ‘tude or always obliging, a dog’s unconditional love heals us in more ways than we ever know.

Our Nemo’s dog pawprint is featured in our 2020 Planner on every page giving you a year’s worth of designs to add to and color.

Nemo’s legacy of dog love lives on through our mission to help animal rescue groups save, heal and re-home pets.

This 2020 Weekly Planner with Coloring Pages for Dog Lovers features:

  • 1 week per page, each with a quarter-page mini paw mandala
  • monthly calendar & note pages
  • birthday, gotcha day & anniversary page
  • seasonal planning pages
  • dog-centric holidays plus standard human ones
  • our dog lover community weekday hashtags to tag your dog photos with each day

Plus our original pawprint meditation medallion designs to color:

  • 14 full-page designs and 53 quarter-page designs
  • Designs are placed with care on each page so you can cut out every design to save at year’s end! They make great ornaments or personalized gift tags glued to card stock.

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Pawz to Reflect Merch is here!

They’re here! We are super excited to share our first promo video featuring the first “litter” of Pawz to Reflect Journals for Animal Lovers:

“Pawprints On My Heart.”

Each journal is 6×9, 164 pages with light grey lined interiors. Each of the 30 glossy covers features beautiful photography that wraps around the front and back covers of the book. Since every pet has unique markings, the focus is mainly on texture and colouring of fur to remind you of your favourite fur baby.

Collect the entire litter of journals or just the pick of the litter that reminds you of your special fur baby!

Click the Pawz to Reflect Merch tab above to see the covers and where to purchase!

Don’t see a cover yet that reminds you of your pet in this first litter? Not to worry, because more litters are on their way!

Comment below or reach out to us on our studio’s Facebook fan page and let us know what breed of pet you’ve got that you’d like us to feature in our next litter of fundraising journals.

And please be sure to share our posts with your friends to get the word out!

The more journals in our fundraising line we can sell, the more animals we can help.

By choosing to purchase a Pawz to Reflect Journal, you are helping the ongoing rescue efforts of groups Nemo loved.

THANK YOU for “adopting” a Pawz to Reflect Journal!

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