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So, I got back from vacay two days ago

While the 10-day off-grid hiking trip in the Adirondacks was absolutely lovely and much-needed, I did not anticipate certain possible website problems when I returned.

I’ve spent the past two days putting out a forest fire of epic proportions.

My other website, BigBlackDogStudio.com, was scheduled to transfer over to a new host in order to add some simple e-comm capabilities. Estimated time for the transfer was given at 5 to 7 business days, so I hit “do it” the night before I left figuring it would be magically transferred by internet elves and ready for me to work my creative genius on post-hike.

I was under the firm impression that just as it looks on the WordPress.com blogging platform, so it would now appear just on the WordPress.org hosting version. It wasn’t.

When I typed in my BBDS address upon my return late Thursday evening, I was greeted with the gut-twisting: “Coming soon!”  screen. It’s better than the dreaded blue screen of death or “not found” at all, but still. Did I mention I was erroneously believing elves were going to fairy dust it over magically?

I took a deep breath and told myself I probably just had to hit “launch” or something to let the elves know I’m here and approving the transfer, so I logged into my account at the new host. It was a good thing I inspected. It was empty. Nada. Just the registration records were there.

Okay. I’m smart. I can figure this out and do this manually. Logged into WP.com, exported my site, and imported it into the new platform. Opened up the new “pages” and “posts” to make sure all had zippity-zapped to the new home. Hmmm.

Of the 342 posts going all the way back to 2012, only 45 of them transferred with the export function. Of the 23 separate pages in that site, 2 transferred, one of them being the 45 blog posts page from 2012 through 2014. That’s it. I exported/imported a second and third time just to make sure. Still way short of goal. [insert expletive].

So, apparently, twas not as easy-peasy as certain entities made it out to be. Good thing I used my free time hiking to write down a ton of creative ideas I’m going to be working on because that book might collect a bit of dust while I manually transfer over the other 297 posts with their images, re-entering all the meta data, etc. I’ve already managed to put the Pawz To Reflect Merch page back up, as it was today’s epic and successful job.

Can I simply not bother transferring most of those old posts? Sure, I can pick and choose just the more meaningful ones to me to preserve. I can probably just transfer most of the stack over here via some migrate feature as long as I downgrade the site back to its free status and before the next drum circle after the harvest occurs. When you’ve got years and years of SEO entrenchment, you seriously have to weigh the pros and cons of whether or not to move crap around on the internet. Shoot me for not merely creating a new domain for the e-comm stuff.

Am I the only one who ever expected technology and those who brag about its wonders that this kind of cold water splash happened to?

Update 8/17/19: Okay, life did not come to an end as I know it after all. Stressful week AF, yes, but I figured out how to export in pieces and want to share that for them that may someday go through this same heart pounding thing. See my August 17 post for a step-by-step.

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Catnip coma

Got to love my silly, fluffy, goofball cat.

Big Black Dog Studio


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I am out standing in my field

Okay, it’s actually the beach, but this picture cracks me up!! I used to have an old button with a picture of a cow on it and underneath was:

“I am out standing in my field.”

11-11-13 me at beach2

It was 81 degrees with Gulf temp of 72 degrees. God, I do love living here!

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Grammar button

Bwaaahhhh haaaaaah haaaahhhhhh!!!! Love this button!!!!

grammar button

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My last day at work was yesterday (and there was great rejoicing – by me) so that makes today my first day of  “retirement.” Getting ready to start packing since the house is under contract.  Can’t believe I’ve not posted anything for a month, like where does the time go????  All pleased with myself for getting loose ends tied up and can now dedicate the remainder of this semester to actually reading leisurely as we’re packing stuff. Looking forward to going to where it’s warm!

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My kingdom for a matzo

Oy vay. Here it is almost to Passover and do you think I can find a box of Manischewitz Matzos in our local grocery store?? Nooooo. Like trying to find a Hannukah card. Of course, they are a NJ company, so we used to be able to get every product Manischewitz made in like every store, but not down here. My mother and I were having a craving for them so bad, I looked them up online and found that the only place nearby where I might actually get a box (or twelve since I guess I’ll have to stock up) is out at Wal-Mart. I’d love a box of onion matzos, but would happily settle for a box of plain, salted ones.

Egg matzos with salt schmeered with softened butter - YUMMMM!

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New ugly sneakers

OK, so my mother and I were at Wal-Mart the other night to, among other things, find her a new pair of sneakers. After trying on a dozen different pair, she wound up going with the first pair (velcro-top) she had tried on. In the meantime, I had tried on a really ugly looking pair of cut-out sneakers in a taupe colour with yellow trim that, when I put them on my feet, looked like I was wearing a wrap-around pretzel.

So, as everyone knows, when in Wal-Mart, the time-space continuum lapses into a black hole that vacuums time out of your life like you’re in a slow-motion time warp and can never get out of there in less than a minimum of one hour, even if all you went in for was a bottle of aspirin. As my mother finally selected which pair she wanted and I was putting away her eleven also-rans, I realized I was still standing there in the ugly sneakers and that for anything else, they were pretty durned comfortable! Apparently, they’re by Dr. Scholl and have the little gel thingee built in. “Neptune” is what they’re called according to the box. Ugly, but comfy. So I got them.

Here’s a picture of my new ugly sneakers:

Dr. Scholl Gellin' Ugly Sneakers (my name for them, not theirs!)


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