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Introducing Live Wise Naturals by Rico’s human

FB bannerWhat a better way to start off 2016 than with a healthy mindset and getting the body to follow? Rico’s human is truly a fitness and health fanatic and he’s taken the leap into founding his own supplement company to provide products made with the quality ingredients that he himself chooses to take care of his own body.

Having spent over six months sidelined to date, I am personally glad 2015 is over. I have only two more sessions of chemo to go through in January and am looking forward to regaining my health, my energy, my stamina, my BODY and my brain back!

One of the worst parts of the chemo treatment is that I’m not often hungry. And of course, if you don’t eat, you’re not getting nutrition into your body. If I did force myself to eat, my body felt blah, like it wasn’t  was absorbing the nutrients anyway.

Enter Rico’s human with his new B12 and the D3+K2 liquid drops. I got to be one of the testers for Greg’s product launch and I have nothing but positive things to say.

My body having trouble digesting food and nutrient is less of a problem with these because the liquid supplements are absorbed sublingually, or under the tongue, and go straight into my bloodstream. Most of you all out there are hopefully not having to go through chemo to really need to appreciate the importance of this and I hope you won’t ever have to. Cancer sucks. Suffering through the chemo side effects sucks more.

So, looking forward to a rebirth and rising from the ashes of yours truly in 2016, in mind, body and spirit. Of course, having a neighbor like Rico’s human working out in his driveway every day should inspire any body, right?

Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/livewisenaturals where you will hopefully hit LIKE and become a fan and supporter of Rico and the human as they grow their new business together!

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I am out standing in my field

Okay, it’s actually the beach, but this picture cracks me up!! I used to have an old button with a picture of a cow on it and underneath was:

“I am out standing in my field.”

11-11-13 me at beach2

It was 81 degrees with Gulf temp of 72 degrees. God, I do love living here!

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Sparky goes to the dog beach

Been taking Nemo to the dog beach at Honeymoon Island State Park. He loves it. Decided to try taking Mr. Prissy himself to see if he likes the beach as much as the ‘Mo does. He coped pretty well….

Sparky’s turn at the dog beach

….. the bath getting all the sand and salt off of him afterward, he didn’t like so much. But while he was there, he enjoyed himself as this picture of him actually smiling proves! 😀

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