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Introducing Live Wise Naturals by Rico’s human

FB bannerWhat a better way to start off 2016 than with a healthy mindset and getting the body to follow? Rico’s human is truly a fitness and health fanatic and he’s taken the leap into founding his own supplement company to provide products made with the quality ingredients that he himself chooses to take care of his own body.

Having spent over six months sidelined to date, I am personally glad 2015 is over. I have only two more sessions of chemo to go through in January and am looking forward to regaining my health, my energy, my stamina, my BODY and my brain back!

One of the worst parts of the chemo treatment is that I’m not often hungry. And of course, if you don’t eat, you’re not getting nutrition into your body. If I did force myself to eat, my body felt blah, like it wasn’t  was absorbing the nutrients anyway.

Enter Rico’s human with his new B12 and the D3+K2 liquid drops. I got to be one of the testers for Greg’s product launch and I have nothing but positive things to say.

My body having trouble digesting food and nutrient is less of a problem with these because the liquid supplements are absorbed sublingually, or under the tongue, and go straight into my bloodstream. Most of you all out there are hopefully not having to go through chemo to really need to appreciate the importance of this and I hope you won’t ever have to. Cancer sucks. Suffering through the chemo side effects sucks more.

So, looking forward to a rebirth and rising from the ashes of yours truly in 2016, in mind, body and spirit. Of course, having a neighbor like Rico’s human working out in his driveway every day should inspire any body, right?

Here’s their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/livewisenaturals where you will hopefully hit LIKE and become a fan and supporter of Rico and the human as they grow their new business together!

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I’m back

I can’t believe how long has passed since I was posting here. My bad. I am steady at 116lbs, my original, steady weight and size and am exceedingly pleased. Feeling like my old self again! Wooooo hooooooooo!

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I am out standing in my field

Okay, it’s actually the beach, but this picture cracks me up!! I used to have an old button with a picture of a cow on it and underneath was:

“I am out standing in my field.”

11-11-13 me at beach2

It was 81 degrees with Gulf temp of 72 degrees. God, I do love living here!

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Salad, Yoga and Brazil Butt Lift

New Year’s resolution: to lose the 25 pounds of fat and blah I put on since 2008 mostly by going back to eating super healthy meals. Also going to attempt to maintain some level of exercise, something I never had to do for my first 42 years in order to stay svelte. Most difficult part of this resolution will be getting my mother to eat health-ily as well. Made a large salad on happy fish plates for supper the other night, which she loved: chicken pieces, raisins, pecans, crushed Stacy’s garlic pita chips crumbled as croutons and a light raspberry vinaigrette along with homemade wine coolers fit the bill. Now, if I can get her to eat like this with me all the time……she keeps slipping in donuts, cookies, ice cream, etc. Augh! Keep that stuff out of the house!

Also on the agenda will be the exercise videos: Booty Ballet (yoga) and Brazil Butt Lift. We’ll see how they go. Ain’t posting no photo of me in a bikini at this point, nuh uh, no way!

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Health class summary: I ♥ FitDay.com

My final discussion board for my Health and Wellness class. We had to post a summation of the “experience activity” that we chose to do as our project. I mentioned in an earlier post that I had bought a bicycle so I could get some exercise since I’m woefully negligent in that regard. I’ve had two responders to my post so far, both finding my comments amusing and that they may also try the website I used. Here’s my summation; perhaps it will inspire you, dear reader, to use it as well:

Summary: For my assignment, I used FitDay.com to track everything I ate as well as any exercise I got. I really enjoyed the interactive spreadsheet style software program (I ♥ spreadsheets) because it showed me through graphs, pie charts and uber details everything from calorie intake to expenditure and most importantly nutrition. If you don’t find the specific food you are looking for, you can easily create your own “custom foods.” Some of mine included my box of Triscuit garlic & rosemary crackers and my new gummy vitamins (see below). You simply enter the information off of the nutrition label on the box. If anyone wants to give it a try, I heartily recommend the site. One thing to keep in mind when you enter your actitivities is that the clock shown is for 24 hours; don’t forget to include the number of hours you SLEEP! Yes, you do burn calories while sleeping. I also used the “track weight” feature just to see since weighing myself isn’t something I usually do. I paid attention during the course of the experiment and found I held steady.

My discoveries: (1) For the past two decades, I was merrily eating whole grains, leafy green vegetables, organic eggs from my hens, almonds, legumes, tuna and salmon, trimming the excess fat off of my steak and chicken and limiting my pig intake to the occasional roast or super thick chop –  with the occasional Rice Krispy treat or brownie, but all the time still quite proud of my healthy eating habits and believing that my diet was nutritionally sound. I’m blessed to have had 40 years of very fast metabolism and was certain that using this online tool was going to act as a pat on my back telling me how totally responsible an eater I am, perhaps with a slight chiding as to the lack of strenuous exercise I have been guilty of over the past few years.

Well, sometime back in my twenties I developed a lactose intolerance that  made me have to switch over to soy milk. I saw “calcium added” on the front of the soy milk carton and presumed it the nutritional equivalent to my beloved whole milk and didn’t give further thought to calcium deficiency and bone density issues that one faces as we age. What I observed from the nutrition graphs generated by my input was that I was getting some calcium, but alarmingly, virtually NO Vitamin D. For anyone who doesn’t know, Vitamin D is mandatory in order for the body to convert said calcium into a usable form that the body can use instead of just letting it pass on through. Once I discovered this nutritional shortage, I immediately went out and bought vitamins off the shelf at Food Lion (I ♥ chewable vitamins) that combine the calcium with Vitamin D and also I researched and found liquid D3 to add as a supplement (ordered it online – tastes like cherry KoolAid – a tablespoon is the dose – I use it to flavor my bottled water).

My discoveries: (2) I need more exercise. Maintaining weight on a relatively thin, but squishy body is still indicative of being out of shape regardless if the scale doesn’t change from day to day. I bought a bicycle a few weeks ago to go with this assignment. No gears. Old-fashioned kind like the one I learned how to ride on back in the early 70s. I’m not Lance Armstrong and he’ll get no competition from me, but at least I get my office-chair shaped backside out several times a week (not when it’s cold; I hate it when it’s cold out).

Going forward: I have continued tracking my food and exercise since I began the experiment and am carefully monitoring my nutritional intake for balance. FitDay.com definitely appeals to the control freak/geek in me (did I mention I ♥ spreadsheets?). Before typing this post, I consumed and then entered my newest “custom food” item: chocolate chip mint ice cream……okay, okay, hush. BlueBunny ice cream seems to be lactose free, that’s all I can say because it’s the only brand that doesn’t bother me. I also bike for two or three miles in the evening. When it’s not cold or rainy out. As long as my calorie intake remains well below my total expended calories, I’m good.

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Health and Wellness class project

OK, so it’s a required course that I’m taking this semester. For my “health experience” project, I’m tracking my eating and exercise activities online using this pretty cool website called www.FitDay.com. I must say, I do like the interactive spreadsheet functioning of the site. OK, if you know me and my quirky need for organization of minute details, you’ll realize I LOVE the interactive spreadsheet functioning of the site. Detail. In minutia. Customizable. woooHOOOOoooooo!

I’ll probably keep on with it long after this class is over. It just totally appeals to the over-organizer in me. Shut up. If you’re the spreadsheet, statistics, track changes type like me, you’ll like it, too. You can’t forget that under “activities” for the day to include the number of hours you were sleeping. Duh? like who thinks of that as an activity, right? But the body does burn calories overnight. My chart also includes walking and biking. Nyah,  nyah.

“Biking?” you say? Me???

my new bike

Hush. Right now I’m hoping to drop the 15-20 pounds I put on since early 2008 and set my goal on FitDay for two months from now. Never been so chunk-o in my life before this and I just can’t stand feeling so blah. So…..I got new tires put on my mother’s bike and I snagged me a snazzy new mint-green cruiser from Wal-Mart the other day, and each evening this week, we go for a short ride to get our legs into the habit of actually, you know, functioning like normal again. It’s just a hair under a mile to the end of the road and back. I’m determined to fit back into all of my regular clothes again.

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