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Getting ready for 2019

So I discovered the awesome graphic playground site known as Canva this past week and am loving it so far. Love even more that it’s free.

Changed a couple of things ya’ll may notice, including the banner or header graphic up top on this blog as well as on my other site, Big Black Dog Studio‘s Facebook page as well. I like how the graphics came out. Continue reading

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Writing review and future projects

I started this blog way back on December 20, 2008 to journal through various discernment processes I was going through. I have several hobbies about which I am passionate, and there are several things I do for a living that I am very good at.

Three things I have enjoyed making a livelihood through are:

  • wordsmithery (writing, editing, proofreading),
  • leading musical ensembles, and
  • teaching others what I know.

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St. Joseph comes through again!

Getting on my Catholic soapbox here for a minute, so please bear with me while I ramble. I know a lot of superstitious people think that burying a mini-statue of St. Joseph in their front lawn is supposed to magically sell their house. I did not, I repeat – DID NOT – do such a crass thing.

What I did do was pray last week and ask for his help in sending me a buyer for my house at the price I needed and to help me find a new house for us to move into down where we’re interested in heading. Not only that, but we’ve had a drought here for just over a month with absolutely no rain. So lemme tell ya how it went down.

Two days after my chat with St. Joseph, which happened to be the afternoon of the same day our houseguest left, our realtor calls with a last minute request to bring by some interested parties who initially had no intention of seeing our house, but another one that proved disappointing. On twenty minutes’ notice. We have dogs and cats. Vaccuuming takes longer than twenty minutes, you know? But hey, what a “coincidence” that the house was all spiffy that particular day already, and the yard had been mowed two hours earlier and the sun was shining and the berries on the bushes were ripe, and my mother said, “sure, come on over!” They did. They came, they saw, they loved it and two days later, they made an offer. In a stale real estate market, our house was all of 31 days on realtor.com.

As for the drought, around 7:30pm the day they looked at the house, we had a big blow-in with some heavy rain that left the evening nice and cool and comfy. Not to mention perk up all of our flowers and especially the poor withering hydrangea bush. We’ve had some more rain since during the signing of contracts and all. Talk about a nice refreshing both physically and spiritually, if you don’t see the connection, I don’t know what to say, but I do not in any way at all believe it’s been a coincidence.

Bottom line is that once again, prayer to St. Joseph does not go ignored when it’s sincere and within God’s plan. I had no father growing up. St. Joseph is special to me, and one again, dependably, he provides a helping hand. You can be superstitious all you want and do silly things like planting magic totems in your front lawn, upside down, no less. Or you can have a serious faith-walk and believe in the communion of saints and that those who have gone on before us are already partying with Jesus, so you go ahead and ask one of them to put in a good word for you because you were and still are their friend and they’re happy to do that for you. Since they’re already there and all.

It’s all about the relationship.

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Faith vs. Worry

S.I.M.O. (Scripture I’m Meditating On) today is …… Philippians 4:6-7.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Easier said than done. I know I’m not the only one in the boat of no income with a surplus of bills right now, but I try to calm my mind and be thankful for all that God has given to me. God gave me my vocation, and I firmly believe He has a door He is preparing to open for me to work with a healthy and growing church active in outreach efforts in its community where I can serve Him full time in the music ministry He has called me to. I even think that the music and cooking videos I’ve made have been teaching me skills I didn’t have before I had all this time on my hands to experiment with them. But the anxiety from waiting returns constantly. I’m ready and willing to move to wherever the Lord sends me and am looking forward to beginning that new journey. In the meantime, I can’t even find a job bagging groceries because everybody else is in line ahead of me. So the faith-worry roller coaster starts all over again.

Lord, in the sacred Name of Jesus I come before You now. I know that You know all that is on my heart and mind. You are my Provider, my Deliver, my Hope and my Strength. I know that You are in control and will work out all things for my good, even though I’m not seeing past my nose right now. Give me the grace of peace in my heart and protect me from those who would seek to cause me harm spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially in this time of trial. Fill me with the light of Your Presence that I may walk this valley in a confident faith instead of the wavering faith that torments me. Forgive me, Lord, for my fruitless worrying and help me to stop. Lord, I know that You hear my prayer and that there is no waiting line to be heard. I thank You for providing the blood of Jesus to wash away my sinfulness and to sustain me in times such as these. I claim that precious blood and, like the Israelites on the first Passover, I consciously paint that blood over my life as Your promised protection. I know that Your love and Your promises never fail. Jesus, I trust in You!

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Domestic day

Well, it’s been a full year of being married and I had one of those rare but truly domesticated kind of days today. Earlier this week, we got string beans canned and some pickles and then the other night I got pickled beets done (and have eaten most of them). Then today I woke up and it was nice and cool, so I wanted to hit the attic and clean out junk from up there and get stuff out on the curb before the garbage men arrived. Did that and got several loads of laundry done, hung out, folded and a few bags set aside for goodwill donations. Vaccuumed, changed the bed, took out meat to thaw for dinner and I’ve just poured myself a glass of iced tea and am about to go sit on the deck and relax before I make dinner. Didn’t make it out into the garage but that’s a whole day by itself. Besides, Carey just loves it when I straighten the garage. Maybe tomorrow or Monday.

Right now, I’m pooped!

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The “e” word

sports-exerciseThat’s right: exercise.

Sparky and I have both gotten too flabby this past winter. So since the rain finally stopped this morning and when it cleared off, the temperature was just perfect, this afternoon we went out and took a long walk (for us).

Sparky’s not used to being on a leash. Sparky doesn’t like that tight collar he can’t pull out of. Sparky’s not used to walking nicely beside anyone for more than two feet at a time – and that’s to the pantry for a cookie. Sparky didn’t like being told he had to walk on the road and get his dainty little tootsies dirty. Ewww. Sparky normally sleeps nearly twenty hours a day. Sparky’s also used to being held when he wants to be held. Sparky weighed in yesterday at 26 lbs. None of your business what I weighed in at. Suffice it to say I can’t get my good jeans on any more, and with the money I spent on those seven pair, that’s a problem.

So since getting married has unfortunately meant simultaneously expanding, it’s time to be putting serious effort into keeping the svelte figure I had for 42.5 years. Yesterday I spent 22 minutes going a mile and a half on the gazelle walker-thingee while Sparky slept on his stinky dog blanket. Today we both got fresh air and walked a mile and a half on real pavement.

I hope that this determination to fit back into all of my clothes sticks. Ree can vouch that the “soup diet” worked for us way back when, so I may do soup and salad from now until whenever. Dunno. When we got back from our twenty minute stroll down the road and back, Sparky nearly keeled over on the deck. Me? I feel up and less sluggish, keeping in mind we just had a huge lunch at my in-laws’.

With all the books I’ve been reading lately, and being disappointed in quite a few so much that I’m not even adding them to my posted book list, the spiritual exercise portion of my week has been dragging. I’m hoping that the physical exercise will help enliven the sluggish part of me that no book is going to help with.

I think I’ll do progress reports on myself to keep me honest. Besides, those size 2 and 4 jeans haven’t been worn since before I got married. Oh yeah. Let’s do it.

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Was in the mood to make a change in the blog skin today……. hmmmmm, finished the box of chocolates from Valentine’s Day, had a chocolate dessert from the buffet at dinner last night and a piece of chocolate cake with lunch today. Apparently, I’ve had chocolate on my mind, so why fight it? A girl’s gotta do ……

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