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More persuasive argument topics coming at end of F18 semester

Alright, ya’ll – good news for student visitors: In December 2018 after final exams are all done and grades posted, I will finally be able to post up some more essays. ‘Cause I’m baa-aaack!

As intro or re-intro depending on who you are: My background is over 30 years in ministry (music director, programming, volunteer management) with an overlap of the first 18 years in contract law as a legal assistant/office manager followed by the balance in nonprofit office management, finances (bookkeeping, fundraising), more programming and volunteer management. I sum it all up as follows: “I’m a professional cat herder who is nice for a living.”

From my website stats, I can see that most of you are students who visit my page for the writing samples I post.

It wasn’t a given that my age group would automatically go to college.

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