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Grey muzzles


My big, beautiful black dog’s muzzle is going grey!

My Nemo’s muzzle is gone nearly all silver. He was right up near the pillow when I took this picture and I am surprised it came out in focus. He usually makes the effort to sneak up next to me not so much to cuddle the way Rico does, but because he wants something he doesn’t have thumbs to get. Dogs have no guile.

The big guy is five and a half years old now. I still remember the day he was born, when the Puppy Fairy delivered nine puppies to Daisy, the pregnant dog I had rescued from the neighbor next door. We won’t go there right now. This is about happy stuff and we did find a good home for Daisy.

Nemo grew up with not one, but two nanny dogs, the first being Emily the Great Pyrenees who passed away when Nemo was just six months old and the second being Sadie, the Yellow Lab who just recently passed away. He has lived with cats and chickens his entire life as well as with Sparky, his elder dog brother by two years. Nemo’s younger dog brother would be Rico, who is just over three years old. Phoofie has been a mainstay and nemesis for Nemo’s entire life so far. Of course, at eleven years old, the cat pretty much just naps all day and ignores the dogs anyway.

When I got sick last year, the lying around staring at the ceiling activity level I have had makes me appreciate that my dogs are here providing in-home dog therapy the way they do. When I get my hair to grow back, I’m not even going to complain about it being all grey any more. At this point, I will be satisfied to simply have hair.

My shiny, black puppy has grown to 140lbs at his heaviest, 125lbs when he’s at his best weight, and has acquired quite a few silver threads on his schnozzola. Grey hairs signify life lived, history made, time spent. Nobody will ever love you the way your dog does.

Day 16: Grey muzzles are beautiful.

Reposted from SuperSparklyMe.com and BigBlackDogStudio.com.

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Worldwide Black Lab crime spree continues

Dunedin, FL – It’s full moon, folks, and dogs all around the world are in full-tilt shredder mode. Earlier today, a one-year old Labrador Retriever named Kay in Northumbria was caught mercilessly shredding one of her birthday presents.

Kay shredding boomerang toy 10-18-13This outrageous crime spree by guilty Labs has been getting worse. In just this past week, a three-year old Black Lab named Ruby was caught stealing a taxidermy possum during an educational presentation in a public park Down Under. The suspect in that case was incarcerated and later sent to rehab for retraining.

Closer to home, we have similar, tragic news to share: the famous Stinky Dog blanket, beloved comforter of wet and stinky dogs banned from the interior of the home until such time as they were acceptably dry, has met an untimely end late this evening.

The suspect, one-year old Rico, was caught with poly stuffing dangling from his mouth when BigBlackDogStudio’s resident artist happened to turn around and caught the canine destroyer in the act. The artist became suspicious when all of a sudden, she realised that the studio was eerily quiet and that the sounds of various plastic water bottles being chewed only moments before had suddenly ceased.

When confronted by the artist about the blanket-shredding incident, the suspect cocked his head sideways and pretended not to understand the question. The suspect was thereafter taken into custody and confined indoors while the evidence was gathered into a large garbage bag. Charges are pending.

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Reposted from our studio website: BigBlackDogStudio.com

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Boxer puppy ready for adoption

Finished this life-size pup measuring nearly 19″ high by 20″ long, complete with big puppy feet and scrunchy Boxer snout. $150. Available through http://BigBlackDogStudio.wordpress.com.

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Newest puppy for sale

An Australian Cattle Dog pup I met recently has separation issues and howls whenever his people are out of his sight. This sculpted pup is modeled on that little crybaby.

Here’s Phoofie keeping the little tyke company. More photos at: http://bigblackdogstudio.wordpress.com/2013/03/13/australian-cattle-dog/


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All puppies have found homes!

Thank you to all who adopted our beautiful babies!

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Only two puppies left…

These puppies have been flying out of the pen like hotcakes, I tell ya. There are only two jet black females left. These are really gorgeous Black Lab puppies with chunky little bodies and perpetually wagging tails – please consider giving one or both of these girls a good home: Gracie & Amelia.

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6 week old puppies from Litter #2

Here are pictures from our second (and final) litter of Black Lab mix puppies. They were born on February 4. I have four females and three males available. The sire is a large full-blooded Yellow Lab and the dam is half Black Lab and one quarter Great Dane, one quarter German Shepherd. First, here is a photo of Nemo, my “keeper” from the first litter. He looks exactly like his father except for being jet black instead of yellow:

Nemo - 8 months old, from the first litter

 And now, on to the baby pictures!

Cuddly, happy babies! Very sweet Lab dispositions

Let's pull the blanket out from under her - all together now!

Close-up of beautiful, sweet Lab expressions

Hunter - male with white stripe on his chest and one white toenail on back right foot

Mikey - male with one pink toe on back left foot

Tweedy - female with blonde tips on her fur and two white toes on back right foot

Rosie - small girl who got all of Mama Daisy's latent German Shepherd genes

Frankie - male with three white toes on back feet, small white patch on his chest and scattering of white strands on tip of his chin, and one partly pink toe on back right foot

Amelia - female, all black except a few strands of white on her chest and one white toenail on her back left foot

Gracie - female, large, solid black girl

A girl just doesn't feel dressed without her purse

Showing Frankie's white chest patch, almost a chevron pattern

Good solid little puppies

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